Village F (Citrus Manor) Architectural Review Committee

The Village F (Citrus Manor) Architectural Review Committee meets on the last Thursday night of the month at 7:00 PM at the Citrus Springs Clubhouse

Citrus Manor Design Guidelines Version III

Citrus Manor Design Guidelines Version III 2016


Citrus Springs (village F) adopted May 10,2016


Version III of the Design Guidelines has been divided into two sections. The first section deals with Architectural Standards designed to create and maintain a uniform scheme of community development. These Standards are a reasonable clarification to or extension of the Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CC&Rs) and therefore have the same right of enforcement as the CC&Rs. See section 10.1, page 11, of the Citrus Springs, Village F Declarations.

The second part of Version III of the Design Guidelines is the Recommendations section. These are suggestions that we strongly recommend since they will enhance the look and feel of the community. They are not extensions or clarifications to the CC&Rs and we hope that each homeowner will embrace them and help us to maintain a
community of which we are all proud.


Appointment of Architectural Review Committee:

The Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions for Citrus Springs, as it may be amended from time to time, provides for an Architectural Review Committee (the “ARC"). The members of the ARC are to be appointed by the Board of Directors of the Citrus Manor Homeowners Association. The ARC will consist of three (3) or more members. The ARC will review and approve or disapprove, prior to construction or installation, any landscaping, building, fence, wall or other structure or improvement of whatever type that will be visible from neighboring property. Any additions or changes to existing improvements or to the exterior of any Residential Unit shall also require the approval of the ARC prior to construction or installation.

The ARC may also establish architectural rules and guidelines, with Board approval, for all such improvements, additions and changes so that all improvements within the community will exist in reasonable harmony to surrounding structures and topography. Unless specifically excluded from the requirement to obtain the approval of the ARC, any provision in the Declaration or in these Design Guidelines that sets forth a permitted use will be deemed to permit such use only after approval by the ARC; however, the ARC specifically deems approved all plans and specifications for any home and related improvement previously constructed or under construction (“Established Plans and Specifications") and no “pre­approval" shall be required for Established Plans and Specifications for homes and related improvement to be constructed in the future (hereinafter referred to as "Pre Approved Improvements"). Additionally, changes in such Established Plans and Specifications that are not substantial, as determined in the sole discretion of the Owner of the Established Plans and Specifications, shall not require approval under any section in these Design Guidelines. The purpose of the Design Guidelines is to assure homeowners and residents that the standards of design quality will be maintained. This protects property values and enhances the community's overall environment.

Compliance With Design Guidelines

The Architectural Standards set forth in the Design Guidelines are an accepted part of the covenants and the Board of Directors will have the right to enforce compliance with the guidelines and standards in accordance with 10.1, page
11, of the Citrus Springs, Village F Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions.

Violations of Architectural Standards of the Design Guidelines

If any improvement is constructed or altered without prior written approval (except for the Pre Approved Improvements), or in any manner which fails to conform with the approval granted, the Owner will, upon request of the Association or the Architectural Review Committee, cause such improvements to be removed, or restored until approval is obtained or in order to comply with the plans and specifications originally approved. The Owner will be liable for the payment of all costs of removal or restoration, including all costs and reasonable attorneys' fees and paraprofessional fees at all levels including appeals, collections and bankruptcy, incurred by the Association. The costs will be deemed a Personal Assessment and enforceable pursuant to the provisions of the Declaration. The Association is specifically empowered to enforce the architectural and landscaping provisions of the Declaration and these community standards by any legal or equitable remedy.

In the event that it becomes necessary to resort to litigation to determine the propriety of any constructed improvement or to cause the removal of any unapproved improvements, the Association will be entitled to recover court costs, expenses, and attorney fees and paraprofessional fees at all levels including appeals, collections and bankruptcy, in connection therewith.

Architectural Review Process

Required Materials

A homeowner should submit the following to the ARC and receive written approval before construction or installation of any improvement that requires the approval of the ARC:

■ An "Architectural Modification Request" along with the Master ARC Application form is attached in back of this booklet and is also available at the property management office or online at their website as well as available by request from any of the ARC members. The request form should be signed and submitted by the homeowner.
■ A copy of the plan and specifications for the proposed work, including, if applicable:

1. Site plan for the lot, showing the proposed improvement in its proposed location along with all other existing improvements on the lot (home, driveway, pool, etc.). Dimensions from the proposed improvement to the nearest existing improvement also should be shown.

2. Plans and specifications for all above­ground construction specifying materials, height, width and paint color(s). Elevation drawings should be included for any vertical construction.

3. The time frame for beginning and completing the work.

4. If the proposed work is landscaping, please see the guidelines set forth in the Landscaping Section.

Additional information may be requested by the ARC, and once received, the review request is then considered complete.
The above guidelines are not applicable to the Pre­Approved Improvements.


■ Homeowners should submit an "Architectural Modification Request" form as shown on the form and send the form to the property management company for processing. Property Management will send the form to the Village ARC, who will meet the last week of the month after which the decision, in writing or e­mail, will be sent from the property manager to the Homeowner.

The homeowner should also submit all structural changes to the Master ARC. Both Village and Master requests may be made simultaneously. However, the Master ARC request should be submitted to the Master ARC.

Landscape changes need not be submitted to the Master ARC, but should be submitted to the Village ARC.

Compliance with Requirements of Governmental Authorities

ARC approvals and these Design Guidelines are in addition to, and not instead of, any approvals or permits which may be required under any federal, state or local law, statute, ordinance, rule or regulation, including, without
limitation, all requirements of Indian River County. An approval by the ARC is not an approval by any applicable federal, state, or local governmental authority.

Warranty Disclaimer

Homeowners should consider that the construction and/or modifications may void all or a portion of the warranty given to homeowners by Builder or its Affiliate when purchasing their home and lot. Before starting construction or modifying an improvement, a homeowner should investigate any effect such activity will have on the warranty. The ARC is not responsible for any voided warranty as a result of its approval.



Landscape Grading

Mounding or contouring may be used to add interest to the landscaping; the height and scale of the mound should be compatible with the rest of the yard. Mounding or contouring may not cause drainage onto adjacent lots. All soil imported for the purpose of mounding should be free of weeds and debris and equal to the quality of existing soil on the lot. In no event should the landscape grading alter the drainage flows of a lot as established by the Builder.

Decomposed Granite, River Rock, Blocks, Boulders and Mulch

Decomposed granite, river rock, boulders, blocks, and mulch used for landscaping should be neutral, earth­tone
colors. Mulch provided by the HOA in Citrus Manor will be high quality red colored mulch, or brown if requested by the owner. An owner may elect to purchase and install annually, at their own expense, mulch that is compliant with the earth­tone requirement rather than using HOA provided red or brown mulch. Homeowner provided mulch
should be installed around the same time frame as the annual mulch refresh in the community.

Landscape Structures and Ornamentation

Attractive and tasteful landscapes are a result of the thoughtful planting of trees, shrubs, and flowers with accents. A plan for proposed Landscaping should be submitted to the ARC for approval when proposed Landscaping would be visible from a street within Citrus Manor, i.e. front of all homes and sides of homes on corner lots. Landscaping in the rear of a home does not require ARC approval but invasive species should not be part of any Landscape plan.
Landscaping that is proposed along a property line anywhere on the property will require Master ARC approval. Landscaping should not hinder landscaping maintenance.

Lawn ornamentation should be minimal and used to enhance the landscape design of the Lot. Five (5) or less total ornaments are suggested per front of home (ceramic figurines, pots, bird baths, statues, fountains, etc.) If more ornamentation is desired a plan may be submitted to the ARC for approval. Offensive ornamentation can be removed at the discretion of the ARC. Ornamentation should not hinder landscaping maintenance. All lawn ornamentation should be moved indoors or to a secure location if a hurricane is imminent.

Vegetable and Herb Gardens

Gardens of a vegetable or herb variety not exceeding 100 square feet in size may be planted in the rear or side yard. Gardens should not be visible from the front of the property. Wise choices should include non­invasive varieties.
The homeowner is responsible for all weeding and maintenance of back yard gardens, not the HOA funded landscaping.

Removal of Debris

Sidewalks may not be blocked at any time. Upon completion of any landscaping or building improvements, all material debris should be removed from the Lot and driveways in a timely manner (suggested within 48 hours). Any soil or other residue remaining on the street should be cleaned within 48 hours. If patio/lanai area is used to temporarily store backyard improvement items, it should also be cleared out in a timely manner (suggested within 48 hours). Special exception projects requiring more than 48 hours for completion should be designated and approved during the ARC application process.

Tree Removal and Replacement

In accordance with Indian River County regulations, trees with a trunk greater than 8 inches in diameter on the homeowner’s lot must be replaced if removed for any reason including disease.


Approved Devices

In accordance with FAA Rules and Regulations, TV Antenna and Satellite dishes are permissible on the Owner's home and Satellite Dishes are permissible on the side of the Owner's Lot without ARC approval.

Electronic home surveillance/security cameras require ARC approval.


Driveway and Lanai/Patio Sealers

Driveways and Lanai/Patios may be sealed with clear sealer only. The ARC does not need to approve clear sealers.

Driveway Extensions

Driveway extensions should be approved by the ARC in accordance with the CC&Rs.

Fireplaces, Barbecues, Fire pits

Permanent outdoor fireplaces, barbecues and fire pits should be ARC approved. Proposals for the installation of permanent out­door fireplaces, barbecues and fire pits should include materials, colors, location, and distance from neighboring lots. The style, color, and materials of the proposed improvement should complement the style, color and materials of the home. Fire pits should be placed on a hardscape surface. Portable grills should be stored discretely and neatly in back or side yard. The use of accelerants is not recommended and owners are responsible to carefully follow all safety precautions when storing propane tanks.


One United States flag and one State of Florida or military flag (see below) on a 60" aluminum flag pole, mounted to the face of the house next to and near the top of the garage door and flown at a 45 degree angle does not need ARC approval. Decorative flags are permitted as described in the Village Recommendations. All other flag locations should have ARC approval. Vertical in ground flagpoles require the approval of both the Citrus Manor ARC and the Citrus Springs Master Homeowners Association ARC. Requests should include the materials of the flagpole and the proposed location of installation on the Lot, diagramed on a copy of your lot survey.

■ On a vertical flagpole, the homeowner may display in a respectful manner two flags, one official United States flag and additionally one official flag of the State of Florida or the United States Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, or Coast Guard, or POW/MIA flag. Such additional flag must be equal in size to or smaller than the United States flag. Proper flag etiquette should be followed.
■ Flagpoles installed on Lots are limited in height to 20 feet.
■ Flags should be in excellent condition at all times. Flags which are torn, faded, or ragged in appearance should not be displayed until they are replaced.

Informational Note: According to The United States Flag Code, Title 4, Chapter 1, “…. the flag may be displayed twenty­four hours a day if properly illuminated during the hours of darkness." The ARC encourages this show of respect.

Gutters and Downspouts

Gutters and Downspouts should be painted to match the color of the home or trim adjacent to where installation occurs.


Plans for lattice construction should be submitted on an Architectural Modification request form with picture or drawings for review by the ARC. All lattices must be painted the main color of the residences, white or left natural wood.


No outside light, other than indirect lighting, decorative fixtures mounted on the home by the Builder, and flood
lights will be placed, allowed, or maintained on any lot without the prior written consent of the ARC. Replacement light design should be similar to that supplied by the Builder and a picture should be submitted to the ARC for approval.

Security lighting on a Lot that is attached to a home is limited to lighting that is triggered by motion on the Lot (but not by motion on neighboring properties) and reasonably illuminates the area of the Lot immediately surrounding the home.

Exterior ground mounted lights should be installed so as not to interfere with ground maintenance.

Patio-Lanai/Screened Front Entrance Improvements

A proposed patio/lanai cover or screened front entrance attached to a home should complement the materials and colors of the home. Front entrance screens should be white. Plans and specifications including (i) a site plan showing the location of the patio cover and distances to Lot boundary lines and other structures on the Lot, (ii) materials, (iii) colors, and (iv) elevations should be submitted to the ARC (except for the Pre­ , Approved Improvements.) The ARC will require that the proposed patio cover meet or exceed original standards as designed and installed by the Builder or its Affiliate.

Patio/­Lanai Use Restrictions

Any patio visible from neighboring property may be used only for recreational purposes and for outdoor patio furniture. No storage of any kind including, without limitation to, garbage cans, ladders, weightlifting/workout equipment, kayaks, or parking of golf carts is allowed under any condition. Exception: spare propane tanks are permitted in patio.

Pools and Spas/Hot Tubs

Plans and specifications for a pool or spa, as prepared by the pool contractor, should be submitted to the ARC and should include any proposed permanent fencing, which must comply with the Master ARC guidelines. Indian River County has specific rules governing swimming pool fence enclosures. Hot tubs/spas should be located in a manner to be the least obtrusive and the least viewable from neighboring lots.

Above Ground Pools/Inflatable Pools

Above ground pools are not permitted in Citrus Manor. Temporary/inflatable pools are permitted in backyard only and should be emptied and stored out of sight (not viewable from neighboring lots and not viewable from any streets in the village) when not in use. Children should be supervised when using inflatable pools.

Repainting of Homes

All exterior paint colors should follow the Builder’s color list. A booklet is available, specifying colors permitted, from the ARC. Homeowners should repaint exterior body of unit, trim, and front door as specified in booklet.
Homeowners must notify the ARC of their intention to repaint any part of the exterior of their home to ensure appropriate colors are used. Owners may also submit alternative paint samples, to those in the color book. If the new colors are approved by the ARC they will be added to the color booklet. Homes that are side­by­side may not be
painted the same color. Any inferior paint job will result in the Homeowner being required to repaint the unit and incurring all related expenses.

Roofing and Paver Driveways

All roofs in Citrus Manor North must be shingles and must match existing colors. Roofs in Citrus Manor South may be shingled, or tiled and must match existing colors. In addition, metal roofs that match existing colors are permitted.
Roofs may be replaced, North or South with the same material or metal roofs that match existing colors. All driveway pavers in Citrus Manor, North and South must match existing color and design patterns.

Hurricane Shutters

Removable or Accordion hurricane shutters are permitted without ARC approval. During hurricane season hurricane shutters may be mounted and accordion shutters closed on the back and sides of the house. Hurricane shutters may be mounted and accordion shutters closed on the front of the house when a hurricane warning has been issued and until the threat of storm has passed.

Solar Roof Devices

Solar panels should look like an integrated part of the roof design and mounted directly to the roof plane.

Storage Sheds

Storage sheds are prohibited in Citrus Manor per Section 10.4.2 of the Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions

Swing sets/Play sets/Basketball Hoops ("Play Equipment")

Permanent basketball hoops or trampolines or above ground pools are not permitted in Citrus Manor. Portable basketball hoops, while in play, may be located at or adjacent to the driveway to any home or improvement constructed on a Lot. Portable basketball hoops and other portable play items should be stored out of sight when not in use.

Window Coverings

Appropriate and tasteful window coverings should be installed. Sheets, towels, aluminum foil or any other non­ window treatment are not permitted on windows at any time.

Retractable awnings and patio sunscreens should be approved by the ARC. A submission for an awning should contain the proposed materials, colors and location of the awnings.

The above guideline does not apply to Pre­-Approved Improvements.


The following signs will be permitted, per CC&R section 10.4.12, as amended:

■ Builders may place one "For Sale" sign in front yard only. Sign should be no larger than four (4) square feet and no higher than 36 inches.

■ Homeowners/Realtors may place one "For Sale" sign in the front window of the home on the first floor only so the contact number is completely viewable from the street/drive. "For Sale" signs will not exceed four (4') square feet or be taller than thirty­six (36") inches.

■ All signs, billboards, and advertising are prohibited except as follows: In keeping with the free speech guarantees under the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution and the provisions in Florida State Constitution, signs and stickers expressing political and personal views are allowed on vehicles within Citrus Manor.

Garage Screen Doors

Garage screen doors, over the vehicle entrance to the garage, are permitted on homes in Citrus Manor with the written approval of the ARC.

Whole House Generators

Whole house generators are permitted in Citrus Manor, but specifications should be submitted to the ARC, including decibel level, size of unit, and amount of recharging required and the location of generator in order to determine the impact the generator will have on neighboring lots. Affected neighbors should be informed of such installation before work begins.


Decorative Flags

Seasonal or garden banners (as large as 18” X 24”) may be used in gardens or secured to mailbox posts in a manner that does not impede landscaping maintenance. Birth announcement flag/sign is permitted for up to seven (7) days after the birth of a child. Flags and banners that are offensive or inappropriate can be removed at the discretion of the ARC.

Holiday decorations

Holiday decorations do not require ARC approval. Decorations should not be visible more than 30 days before or after a holiday. Audio holiday music should not disturb neighboring residents. Holiday lawn decorations should be removed from the front and rear grass areas on the days of lawn maintenance. The ARC reserves the right to request modifications to holiday decorations if they are inappropriate.

Garage Doors

Keeping garage doors down enhances curb appeal, is courteous to the neighbors within view, and serves as a safety/security measure for the entire Citrus Manor community. It is therefore recommended that garage doors be kept completely closed except for normal egress or ingress, when working in garage, or when participating in an outdoor activity at the home.

Vehicle Covers

Covers on vehicles in an owner's driveway are permitted for a maximum total of seven (7) days per year. Storage of vehicles is available in owner's garage or in RV storage area.

Trash and Recycle Containers

Homeowners and residents should place trash and recycle containers out on the day of pick up except if work or travel schedules require placement on the prior evening. Reasonableness and consideration for your fellow neighbor should be our code of conduct. Emptied trash and recycle containers should be placed out­of­sight as soon as convenient, and no later than the end of the day of trash pickup. Trash should be stored in secured garbage containers or in securely tied plastic bags and should be placed curbside. At all other times trash containers should be kept in the garage or completely out of sight.

Storage of Items in Front of Home

Portable chairs and any other portable lawn furniture should not be kept in front of homes when not in use and
should be stored out of sight. Hoses should be neatly coiled and stored when not in use. All toys/bicycles/riding toy vehicles are not permitted to be left in street/yard when not being used and must be stored out of sight.

Pet Feces

Indian River County Ordinance 302.05 requires pets to be leashed and owners to pick up pet feces. In keeping with the law, Citrus Manor residents are expected to pick up immediately after their pets on all common property, residential property, and homeowner’s lot. Excreta left on lawns may not only cause disease, it could allow bacteria to enter the water supply, and may also result in denial of services by vendors and workers who provide lawn care, meter reading, house painting, and sprinkler repair because no one should be expected to have to work in unsanitary conditions. Children who are too young to maintain control of a pet or to pick up after a pet should be accompanied by an adult.

Blocking Sidewalks

Indian River County law prohibits parking vehicles in a manner that obstructs a public sidewalk. Offending vehicles may be ticketed by IRC. Residents who use a walker when in the community should not be placed at unnecessary risk when sidewalks are blocked, forcing them into the street. Please leave the sidewalk in front of your home clear of obstructions.

The foregoing Design Guidelines may be modified from time to time as may be deemed necessary in the sole discretion of the Citrus Manor Homeowner's Association. The ARC may suggest proposed rule changes with final approval by the Board of Directors. Any questions regarding these Guidelines should be addressed to Property Management.

Village F (Citrus Manor) Mailboxes

Dear Homeowners,

If your mailbox needs replaced or you were notified to replace your mailbox,
the approved mailbox for Village F is the Gibraltar Classic Mailbox in BLACK (all replacements must be black).

Both models (with or without the newspaper compartment) are allowed.

Gibraltar Classic Mailbox (GCL10000B)
Gibraltar Classic Mailbox Combo

The approved mailbox can be bought online or at local retail stores and must be black in color.

Replacement parts can be found online or at a local retailer as well using the provided model information.

Manufacturers Website:

Master/Village ARC Application Form

Downloads PDF

Please download the above PDF document and return to your village ARC for processing.