Frequently Asked Questions

How do I gain access to Lake Tangelo?

Homeowners can purchase a garage door remote to operate the gate. Click here to send a message to the Lake Tangelo HOA, just type "Gate Remote" in the subject line. Note: If your car is equipped with built-in garage door openers you can probably program it to open the gate. Since the remotes cost $40, you might want to consider purchasing a single remote for the household and programming your car’s built-in remote using the remote purchased from the Homeowner's Association. Of course if a remote was left with your home then there should be no reason not to use it.

You will be given a four-digit code that can be given to family and friends to allow them access. The user enters the "#" key followed by the four-digit code.

There is a telephone intercom system at the front gate. The last name of each resident is listed in the system. When someone presses the pound key, they can scroll through a directory of residents. Upon finding the resident in the directory, they enter the three-digit code listed for that resident. When you receive a call from someone at the gate using this system just dial 9 on your phone. That will open the gate and disconnect the phone call.

Anything else I should know about gate access?

The four digit code should be reserved for friends & family only. Delivery people, contractors, etc., should not be given the four digit code, but instead, should be instructed to use the telephone intercom system.

Sometimes delivery people will contact one of the first homes in the telephone intercom system rather than scroll through to the desired household. If someone requests entrance DO NOT allow entry if the visitor is not for you.

What improvements require ARC approval?

Changes to the exterior of your home or property may require the approval of the Lake Tangelo Architectural Committee (LTARC). If unsure whether your project requires prior approval, contact the ARC chairman or a current HOA Board member for clarification.

What is the procedure for submitting an ARC request?

All ARC requests must include a completed and signed copy of the ARC Approval form. Additional documentation requirements depend upon the individual project. Most projects routinely require a signed contract detailing the work to be performed and a copy of the contractor's license and insurance. Often times a plot plan is also required. When in doubt, please contact the ARC chairman by clicking here. Just type "ARC" in the subject line.

ARC request forms for Village E and the Master HOA can be obtained at these links, respectively. The forms can also be supplied by the ARC chairman or any member of the Lake Tangelo Board of Directors.
The completed forms and associated documentation are to be delivered to the ARC chairman. A hardcopy of the package can be presented or an electronic version submitted. An HOA board member can also assist you if the ARC chairman is not available.

When your request has been approved by the LTARC, the chairman will submit your request to the Master ARC Committee. The Master Association ARC Committee meets once (1) a month usually on the first Tuesday; that is the only time the Master ARC approves these requests. The Master will e-mail you when your request has been approved by them. Contact the LTARC Committee or current HOA Board Members if you need assistance.

What are the parking regulations?

Overnight parking is not allowed in Lake Tangelo. All cars must be in your garage or on your driveway from midnight until 6 AM.